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One hundred years later, here I am with my thoughts about Captain Marvel. \o?

I'll begin by saying that this is a v. squeeful post. To the absolute shock of no one, I fucking LURVED this movie. So, you know, prepare yourselves for 3500 words and change about this film. Woot!

For the non-spoiler crowd, I do think this is deffo a movie worth checking out. If you're a casual moviegoer, the film has action and humor galore. If you're into the MCU, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained (including random callbacks/Easter eggs).

It's not a perfect film--there are deffo scenes where the film stumbles a little. And yet, it's one I recommend going to see at the theater. Obvs, there are other places where you can watch it, but the cinematography is so expansive that, given the chance, going to see it on the biggest screen possible is the better option. IMAX is a good choice, 3D not so much. I've seen it twice on 2D and have no complaints about the quality of the film.

In some ways, this film is a return to 'classic Marvel movie' in the sense that the movie leans a bit heavily on comedy vs. other properties. It also has a deep-rooted optimism common in MCU films. Still, alongside all the ass kicking that happens, the film does include smaller plot threads that show how the directors come from the independent movie scene.

And now I gotta go to SPOILER-O-RAMA because there are tons of things I want to talk about )
So, did you liked it? Didn't like it? Wish there had been more [insert trope or character here]? Tell meee!
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The Captain America Reverse Big Bang is a reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge. Artists wishing to participate will create art that will be posted anonymously to be claimed by an author. Authors will then write a story (minimum of 5,000 words) inspired by the art they have chosen. Join us for Round 3!


Sign up as an Artist, Author, Pinch-Hitter or Beta

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ETA: artists' sign-ups close Feb 17th and writers' sign-ups close Feb. 28th
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First of all, thank you so much for creating something for me! I'm beyond excited to see what you end up writing or artifying.

Although I feel that my Likes and DNWs on my sign-up form were quite detailed, I wanted to expand on a couple of things first in the general level and then by fandom.Yays? )
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This was a year that got me to finally post some writing (not nearly enough as I wish I had but at least some) and record tons of podfic (even if I didn't get around posting all of it before the calendar change).
Here be fanworks )
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To the surprise of absolutely NO ONE, the second trailer for Captain Marvel gave me all kinds of feels and thoughts. I figured that it'd be neat to share them with all of you. Read more... )
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So, in case you might not know, the Marvel Trumps Hate Auction is live! The auction (which runs until Saturday, October 27th at midnight (US Eastern Time)) has 30 different charities people can donate to.

I am offering a fic (minimum word count: 5k) or up to two podfics (maximum word count: 10k/each) for the following:





Nat femslash

Trish & Jessica Jones (TV show)


Almost any MCU F/F (podfic only)

My page is here if you want more deets.
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Let me begin by saying thank you! I think you're awesome and talented. I'm more than sure that I'll end up loving your podfic a lot! ^_^

Here's the nitty gritty )
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If you follow me on twitter, you know that I've been going on about the Black Panther (BP) movie for a few weeks now. Having watched the movie (once, so far), I'm going to dive into a short-ish review as well as an expanded SPOILER-HEAVY one.

Before I begin, I gotta say that my thoughts and opinions are coming from someone who identifies as Afro-Latinx. And, that although I might have slightly more insight than someone who is white, I implore y'all to seek out critics and essayists of color. ESPECIALLY, people from Africa, African-Americans, and Afro-Caribbeans.

BP is a movie that's also a movement and so, there are deffo things I will miss and/or not know about because my experience is nothing like that of someone who is from Kenya, Barbados or (here in the US) Atlanta or Compton (for example.)

I can deffo rec The Nerds of Color, Black Girl Nerds, and The Root as starting points for good writing about this movie.

Also, YouTube and Twitter (don't ask me about the Book of Faces, I don't know her) have tons of POCs throwing out super on point things to say.

The truth is that, like it or not, white people will never be able to understand how mindblowingly great it is to see people who look like you on the screen and in a movie that's made of amazingness. Therefore, reviews and criticisms about it that come from a white person's POV are invalid.

Like, maybe if the opinions are kept on the superficial level, it's...OK. However, an in-depth breakdown of themes and meanings in BP?

THAT'S A NO. (Thank you.)

And now, I'm gonna give you a bit of context and setting up of the scene...

T'Challa's introduction to the MCU (via Captain America: Civil War) was one of the standouts of an already good movie. So you bet I was HELLA READY for the Black Panther movie. Once Marvel Studios began to work on it, I kept an eye on it. My hope was that they would get the best possible director, producers, designers, actors, and screenwriters to make this movie. This movie was going to be a big deal no matter what. The more I heard about it, the more shiny-eyed I got.

And then, the teaser dropped and I LOST MY FUCKING MIND! My reaction was even MORE OTT when the official trailer went live. The one thing I kept thinking was "If this movie turns out to be even 1/10th of what's shown here, I might need to bring my smelling salts to the movie theater."

The early buzz (once the movie premiered) was super positive. As the day of the official US premiere got closer, I decided to put nearly all social media on ice. I wanted the movie to be as much of a surprise as it could possibly be.

Unfortch for me, I watched a supposed non-spoiler YouTube review that dropped two minor spoilers. *facepalms self, makes a mental note to freeze out YT for A:IW*

FTR, I tried to get my movie ticket as soon as I could only to find out that the last available shows at my local theater were the 11:50 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. ones on Friday. Thursday had already sold out and most of Friday shows had as well! The only time something like this had happened was for SW: The Force Awakens a few years ago.

(BTW,My show, the 12:15 p.m. one, sold out about ten minutes before the previews began rolling.)

The majority of the people in the theater were Latinx followed by Black people and one older white guy. Oh, and slightly more women than men. The trailers suuuuucked. The only ones I was minutely interested in checking out were Mission Impossible: Tom Cruise vs. Henry Cavill's 'stache and the Ant-Man and the Wasp movies. My :-/ abt the trailers doubled because I'd been expecting to see the one for A:IW and to check out the Janelle Monáe teaser for her new album.

One random thing that happened was the young black woman who sat to my left and texted throughout the previews all the way until the end of the second post-credit scene. In her defense, she'd dimmed her cell phone's screen and had it on silent. I knew she was texting because she was next to me, but I don't know if anyone else noticed? THAT SAID, I did think it was strange that someone would spend approx $30 (between the ticket and the nachos + soda she bought) to go to a movie...only to act as if she'd been chilling at home? (I did give her a few nasty looks--which she ignored.)

Another random thing: the audience was about 65% vocal (laughing, gasping, and clapping--myself included) and 35% v. quiet. I'm not sure if those who kept quiet did so because they didn't know if it'd be OK to react some ways?

Oh, and only 2 people left BEFORE the post-credit scenes.


When I got back to Twitter on Friday morning and I went about scrolling through my TL, I started to get super nervous after reading other ppl's squeeful reactions. WOULD THE HYPE BE WORTH IT???

And then, it was time for the movie to begin…

Non-spoiler Review

This movie stands out even more than Thor: Ragnarok when it comes to aesthetic and themes that are filtered through a POC perspective. (Personally, I can't wait to see BP and T:R back-to-back cuz that's going to be hellaciously fun.)

It does deal with topics that will make you go O__O and then nod your head in agreement.

It's a spectacular movie with an amazing cast, wonderful sets + costumes, A+ directing, and a script that kicks, punches, and (again) makes you laugh. With the exception of one character (that I won't point out cuz it'd be a spoiler), everyone has a solid story arc so you end up finding empathy and a measure of connection with everyone.

Do you have to see it on 3D? Eh, that depends on how much you like that format. I saw it on regular 2D cuz I'm not a "3D or BUST" type of person. Hopefully, next time I go see it, I'll be able to catch it on IMAX 2D since it will look a million times sweeter.

Whatever the format, GO SEE IT! Short of being Racist McBigot, there's legit no way anyone wouldn't enjoy this movie. IJS.

And now for the SPOILERS )
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I wouldn't have to look deep as to the reason why I'm so *____* with this season in particular. Between the proximity to the scene of the crime and the fact that I do remember a lot of it as it happened in real time, makes S2 of ACS one of the most fascinating current shows for me.Manhunt )
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I'll begin by saying that my viewer relationship with Ryan Murphy is complicated at its best and nearly irreperably fractured at its worst.

Nip/Tuck's first two seasons were brilliant. It's one of the few shows I'd tune live (a thing that's become rarer as time goes on and things such as streaming have become more commonplace.) But then, that show took a random left in S3, and went in wackadoodle directions.

American Horror Story was, again, rather amazing in the first two seasons. To date, I think of "Asylum" (S2) as the best season. "Coven" (S3) was, despite all the wonderful actresses and witchery (because WITCHES!), the beginning of what I felt was the decline of AHS. I stopped watching it after "Roanoke" and couldn't (for many reasons) even watch the latest one that aired ("Cult"). [Supposedly, the next season will be a mix of "Murder House (S1)" and "Coven"--which I know I'll tune in for because WITCHES.]

I skipped Glee out due to a matter of timing. But, once again, as per what I've heard about it, the show also went off the rails.

FWIW, I was curious about American Crime Story, a yearly anthology focusing on a single crime. For those who might not know, I love true crime.

In this case, though, my enthusiam was tempered with worry. ESPECIALLY after I heard that the first season was "The People v. O.J. Simpson". Like, Murphy has always been iffy-to-totally-missing-the-point when it comes to issues of race. He's a white gay dude, yes. However, being part of one marginalized group doesn't automatically mean that he gets a free pass to tackle yet one more (potentially explosive) angle on themes such as racism, police misconduct/brutality, corruption, domestic abuse, etc. [Exhibit A: his sloppiness regarding the Voudoun religion, slavery, slavery reparations in "Coven". #Itoldyallhecouldbemessy]

BUT, to me (and I think a lot of other people), S1 of ASC was one of last year's best TV anywhere. It was riveting (though we all knew how it was going to end) and had superb acting from everyone in the cast. I could legit go on about how amaze it is (btw, if you haven't seen it, I think it's still available on Netflix--at least here in the US.)

So then, I turned to fandom, in hopes to see other people as excited about it as I was...only to find a vast silence.

Now we're 2 episodes into "The Assasination of Gianni Versace" and nothing has changed. Since I haven't seen anyone talking about it in fannish spaces, I decided to do a weekly post about the show, where we are in the timeline, and what is true and what's more questionable/outright not true. FTR, I lived in Miami Beach for 20 years (including the time period set around Versace's murder), hung out a lot in South Beach, and am queer. Here we go with Episode 1 )
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[community profile] fandomlovespuertorico is live, y'all

What happened in PR is beyond nightmarish (and the government's response is disgraceful AF) so [personal profile] hansbekhart has created a MULTIFANDOM fannish auction that runs from October 17 to the 23rd.

There are legit tons of stuff on the table.

I've tweeted and reblogged about this a few times (and I'll do it a few more before the auction closes). Like, hello, you know how serious I am about this auction that I'm posting this entry freaking unlocked! Of course, me being me, I'm not only bidding on some offers, I also signed up to offer fanworks!!!

MY FIC THREAD (Cap branch of the MCU and MCR for Bandom) starting at $10/2k words minimum (The more you donate, the higher that word count will go!) The deets:

Would love to do: Curtains/domestic AU, werewolves, kinkfic, crackfic, fluff, self-cest, soulbonds. Any rating.

Will not do: HTP, rule 63, cheating fic, deathfic, zombiefic, anything with body fluids, noncon, unhappy endings, Hydra!versions of MCU chars (Hydra!Cap or what-have-you), Tony-centric fics. For MCR (Bandom), Waycest is a no-go for me and I'd prefer to not write het ships either.

Additional Info: Bucky is bae and my OTP is Sam/Bucky. I'm also game to create Sam/Steve or Steve/Thor fics for MCU. Meanwhile, for MCR, I love all the dudes, but I'm always up for more Ray-centric stories. #IJS

MY PODFIC THREAD (MCU only. Like, if it gets to $40, I might be a bit more flexible. #YouknowwhatImsaying) starting at $15. The deets:

Would love to do: fluff, crackfic, gen. I'm super into Sam/Bucky, Steve/Sam, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Thor, Natasha femslash (especially Natasha/Pepper) or gen.

Will not do: HTP, noncon, cheating, death, unhappy endings, rule 63, zombies. No 1st or 2nd person POVs.

Additional Info: My offer includes cover art done by me. :)
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Let me begin by saying thank you! I think you're awesome and talented. I'm more than sure that I'll end up loving your podfic a lot! ^_^

Here be the nitty gritty )
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(I'm splitting the EoY meme into Fanworks, Fannish Stuff, and Books.)Not a lot of stuff but there we are )
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Let me begin by saying thank you! I think you're awesome and talented. I'm more than sure that I'll end up loving your podfic a lot! ^_^

Here be the nitty gritty )
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anomaly (1423 words) by akamine_chan, Lucifuge5
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes
Additional Tags: clone, Self-cest, Community: pod_together, Podfic, Podfic Length: 10-20 Minutes

When he's safe, Bucky remembers.

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Rock-A-Bye (1679 words) by Lucifuge5, sisi_rambles
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Accidental Baby Acquisition, Podfic, Community: pod_together, Podfic Length: 10-20 Minutes

In his somewhat short career as an Avenger and boyfriend of an ex-brainwashed assassin, the last thing Sam ever expected to see was Bucky holding a baby.

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[personal profile] turps wanted to know Have you a favourite fic you'd love to see made into a movie? If so, what actors would you cast in the roles?

No MCU fic comes to mind. A lot of the stories I love in that fandom are so ingrained with the canon that I'm not sure they would translate well in a visual medium without having to reboot the whole franchise. And I'm not sure anyone who isn't in the fandom proper would want that. #YMMV

One fic that I'd love to see as a movie is C'est Ci Bon (Classic Hollywood RPF, Eartha Kitt/James Dean/Paul Neuman, 3,074 words, NC-17). The fic is based on quote by Eartha where she stated she spent one afternoon with James and Paul.

Since I don't think that anyone in charge of any of those actors images would be OK with a movie made about this, I'd be TOTES OK with a story (set in the 50s or now) about a poly ship featuring a WOC (she wouldn't have to be African-American) and the two guys who fall for her and each other. \Poly movies with HEA, FTW!/ Dream cast: Gina Rodriguez, Sebastian Stan, and Benjamin Bratt. OR, it could be Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kit Harrington, and Adrien Turner

The only other fic that I think would be perfect for a movie is [ profile] novembersmith's Anatomy of a Fall. This is such an AMAZEBALLS story that has everything: the YA angle that Hollywood is thirsty for, an M/M romance, and a mystery that can bring in the chills. :D? :D!

TBH, I can't think of any one actor to cast as Frank and Gerard. #Butitwouldmakeagreatmovie
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[personal profile] omens wanted to know: Do you watch any cartoons? Faves? Faves growing up??

I deffo watched a lot of TV after school.The two that I remember the most are.. )
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I did something like this way back in January and had fun. Thought I could let some plot bunnies hop around once again. :)

Give me a pairing -- slash, gen, het, I'm also fine with any rating -- and a prompt and I'll attempt a three sentence mini ficlet in response. Any of my fandoms are fair game: Bandom, MCU (Capt. America branch). Can per-maybe-haps finagle Battlestar Galactica (2003 reboot), Fight Club (movie), and Agent Carter.

Oh, and to save everyone's time, these are my squicks: noncon, cheating, jealousy, deathfic, unhappy endings, zombies AU, cannibalism, animal harm, knotting, Rule 63, 1st or 2nd person POV, and bestiality.

(Here's hoping that last paragraph didn't put any of you off. /o\).
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Unarguably beautiful and quite talented, Rihanna is one of those artists whose songs pop up in my music library. Although I can't imagine going to one of her concerts (I'm not super into her whole discography), there are a few key songs of hers that I've played on repeat.

General warnings for all three music videos regarding special f/x: distorted images, flashes, quick edits. I'll add extra warnings if necessary per video
Let's talk a little about Ri-Ri )


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